Wander for iPhone 5s

Wander is a great tool to track and analyze your activities.

Different colors to indicate your activities.

Wander’s basic color is blue. If you have not moved for a while, Wander will gradually turn red. If you start walking or running, Wander will gradually turn back to blue. If Wander turns green, then congratulations! That means the steps in the current day exceed the previous day, and your current streak will increase by one day.


There are 24*7 dots in Punchcard, which represent the average steps of each hour in each weekday. It summarizes the pattern of your activities. For example, if you see larger dots during the night, you are probably a night owl.


Life is a game, walk hard and play hard. Wander has dozens of interesting achievements. Keep walking and unlock achievements.

Is Wander killing my battery?

No. Wander doesn’t track your location. It retrieves data directly from the M7 processor.

Big Day

iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id734140856

Excited about the upcoming graduation?

Worried about missing an anniversary again?

Big Day saves your excitement and casts away your worries by counting down special days for you.

Creating, tracking, and syncing your events has never been so easy!

Big Day has a clean interface. It offers 4 different colors to label different events. All the events are synced by iCloud between all your devices.